Chevvai (Mars) Temples Tour Kumbakonam

Our puranas state that when Lord Siva and mother Uma had parted and were living separate, Chevvai was born from the sweat that fell upon the ground from mother Uma’s forehead. There is also a different version in which Chevvai is the son of sage Bharathwaja and was brought up by Mother Earth. In Machapurana,it is told that Veerabadra who was created from the third eye of Lord Siva, destroyed the yaga of Daksha. The Devas were terrified of the havoc wrought by Veerabadra who grew conscious of this fear, transformed himself into Chevvai.

Chevvai rides upon the Annam bird. He is of reddish form. His seats in triangular. His flag has a goat as the emblem. His golden Chariot is pulled by eight horses. Chevvai is of great austerity.

His body is the flame of yoga, he is skilled in all the subtler arts. Chevvai is to the south of Suriyan. His demeanour is smiling and pleasant; he has four arms, three of which have weapons of war and one shows aposture of harbourage. His names are :Kuja, Bowman and Bhumiputhran.

Subra Residency
  • Location : About 6 km South of Sirkazhi, on the way to Mayiladuthurai.
  • Reigning Deity : Lord Vaidhiyanathar with ThaiyalNayagi.
  • Holy Water : ChithamirthaTheertham.
  • Holy Tree : Vembu or Neem tree.
  • Poet saints : Sambanthar, Thirunavukkarasar, Arunakiriyar, Kumara Kurubarar, PadikkasuThambiran, ChidambaraMunivar, Kalameghappulavar.
  • The Greatness of the Shrine : The temple is known for the sanctum of chevvai. It has three great deities-lord Murugan as Muthukumarsamy, Vaidyanathar and mother Thayyalnayagi. Siva is worshipped only after the midnight pujas are offered to Muthukumarsamy. There is assaying in Tamil which goes “The most beautiful of the lamps is the lamp lighted to the one who makes an end to causes(Lord Vaidhyanathar)”. Prayers offered towards this temple are very efficacious and fructify immediately.