Saneeswaran (Saturn) Temples Tour Kumbakonam

Sanjikai was the wife of Suriyan. They had two sons and a daughter. Vaivaswatho Manu, Yaman, and Yamuna. Sanjikai who could not bear the heat for long made a women of her shadow Chayadevi and commented her to be ‘Suriyan’s wife in her place; Suriyan and Chayadevi had two Childs Savarni and Saniswarar.

The nature of Saniswarar is a Tamasic, that is tending towards inertia. Saniswarar is dressed in black. He is narrow chested and a leg is lame. He had a massive lance in one hand and the other hand holds a posture of refuge. He is seated on Lotus seat. He is also to be found seated upon a low shaped seat. He rides a crow, Saniswarar has a Karunkuvalai flower upon him. He is amenable to the yell and vanni (two crops). He stands at the west. Saniswarar is famous for the tale of his maleficent oppression of Nala. There is a saying in Tamil ‘No one gives like Sani or takes like him’. His wife is Jyesta Devi. His son is Kuligan; His other names Kari, Madavan, Manthan and Goonan..

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The Propitiation of Saniswara Dosha

The influence of Sani is 19 years. He is the Lord of the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saniswarar determines the longevity of the individual. Those afraid of death should worship Hanuman and Lord Vishnu. They should wear a blue stone and a dark dress, donate yel, light with gingelly oil, and worship at Thirunallur.

  • Location : About 5 km from Karaikkal. Thirunallar Raliway Station in the Peralam-Karaikal line.
  • Reigning Deity : Dharubaranyeswarar, Thirunallareeswarar with Pranambikai, Bhogamartha poon mulaiyal.
  • Temple : The shrine of Saniswara is called Thirunallaru and Dharuparayanam.
  • Holy Water : Nalatheertham.
  • Holy Tree : Dharuba Grass.
  • Devotees : Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Indiran, keepers of the eight directions,Agasthaiar, Pulasthiyar, Arjunan, Nalan.
  • Poet Saints : Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar have sung hymns.
  • Features of the Shrine : Thiruvarur, Nagappatinam, Thirumaraikkadu, Thirukkarayil,Thiruvoymoor, Kolini, Thirunallar forms the seven natural temples of Lord Siva.