Navagraha Temples Tour Kumbakonam

Navagrahas are believed to be manipulated by Mother Parameswari. The roles played by planets in the life of an individual is very significant. Our fate is influenced immensely by the movement of planets. It is said that the planet position at birth time depends on man’s previous life Karmas.

Though being spared from such Karma is impossible, the agonies and mishaps can be minimized drastically by appeasing Navagrahas. The ways to do so have been traced by our ancestors and we obviously should be obligated to them for this virtuous deed.

Worshipping Navagrahas with total devotion to lord can of great help. Every navagraha temple has its own unique rituals and following them is important.

Here we bring to you all the required details of Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu.

Subra Residency

Kumbakonam Navagraha Temples Map

Navagraha Temples